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Being in a residential area, more cars and people are walking in front of your house. That’s why it’s a practical way to put a fence outside your home to protect your properties and keep children or pets safe, prevent them from wandering around. They will also shield you from disturbances, noise and inquisitive eyes.

Below are the different types of fences with a variety of designs, so it’ll be convenient for you to choose a fence that fits the style of your home and adds value to your property.

Colorbond Fencing

One of Australia’s most popular fences made of colorbond steel and pre-painted materials appropriate to Australian standards. Since it’s made of steel, it’s fireproof, it doesn’t rust and its termite-proof. Bunbury’s Colorbond Fencing is flexible which makes installation simpler and faster than most other fencing solutions.

Aluminium Slatted Fencing

Aluminium Slat Fencing is famous nowadays due to its innovative and contemporary structure as well as being durable, hard-wearing and highly weatherproof fence if you want a private property. Bunbury Fencing Contractors will install aluminium slat fence to fit seamlessly into your home and use quality powder-coated aluminium that ensures a smooth, long-lasting finish, does not warp, break or need to be repainted and maintained.

Timber Pinelap Fencing

If you want a rustic style design and a modern wood fencing product built from treated pine palings and rails, then the Bunbury pinelap fence is the ideal choice for you. It has strong sound absorption qualities and provides privacy and warmth. Treated pine picket fences can be a front boundary fence that can be installed in a number of ways and fit best for your home as pine can last for approximately 5-12 years depending on the maintenance.

Brushwood Fencing

If you live in an urban area, brushwood fences are so tightly packed, so you will be assured that it is good for privacy and gives an appealing style for your property. Bunbury’s Brushwood Fencing gives you a natural appearance, a strong, termite-resistant, and environmentally sustainable fencing solution. They use undergrowth, twigs, small branches and tips to build fences that provide a private area within a garden, over an arbour or pergola, and it blends easily to every corner.

Decorative Fencing

Privacy is not the only concern of some landowners, they also want to achieve a trendy looking fence for their garden, backyard, or home. Bunbury’s Fencing Contractors recommend placing decorative fencing in a creative manner, such as posts, pickets, rails, and caps, as well as a range of paint options to choose from to improve the look of your house, yard, or other landscaping and can be used as a weather control or protection for your garden or residential areas.
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